Mobile Application Solution

▷ ADs Bell

: AD Bell is the Two-way Video Wireless Calling System. It can maximize the benefits of a bidirectional communication by adopting M2M communication between a machine and a machine to improve the convenience specification of the advertiser and the user the design development and to provide a variety of digital ad content and vibration bell service that can be provided in various industries over the smart tablet technology.

▷ eMenu

Payment With Once Touch

Payment at a single touch is an exquisite feature of eMenu created for a complete dining user experience. There are without doubt many applications and similar solutions in line of eMenu, but when it comes to payment mode and redeeming points on purchase up to a limit, there are several complications involved. eMenu however, stand apart with this functionality too. Making online payment via card, after placing an order at guest interface, has been made possible with simple and refined manner. eMenu is integrated to the existing POS of the restaurant or hotel or coffeehouse, with ability to pursue financial transaction for the services leveraged.

Loyalty programs enhance the binding of a customer with a brand or service, thereby assisting the owner with ideas of improvement and more fertile with revenue earning. While paying via card, the database stores the guests’ details for enabling the guest with earning points at each time he/she visits the restaurant. You can enable your customers redeem their points with either a discount or offering a food item amounting same number of points. This strategy of building loyalty in more number of guests helps increasing their visits. Also, positive publicity or word of mouth would impress more guests in the database as they pay every time.

eMenu isn’t just a software application, but a congregated business solution for 360 degree development of business. It takes care of all marketing strategies alongside automating service process and adding value at each step, be it ease with eMenu one touch payment or playing games & listening music while waiting for the order or recommending food items or your joints on social networking sites. All business advantages come together in a package with eMenu.

▷ Navigation Only

eMenu also caters to needs of those who prefer hospitality begins from the watchman bowing and opening the door to attendant producing fingerbowls and napkins, from taking order to suggesting the specials/seasonal. Full navigation mode is meant to meet their needs of human touch with a hand held device, where scanning and navigating between screens is offered for selection of food items.

eMenu would assist the guests in selection of food items and beverages though replacing paper based menus with touch screen restaurant menu medium and colorful items with background details to facilitate their eyes feasting before placing order. While awaiting order, patrons can play games installed on eMenu and watching ads or video clips of the restaurant’s events (Serving promotional needs for restaurants too). Under Navigation mode, only the display will be available while other processes will not be automated and integrated with POS. You can visit our videos section for a walkthrough of eMenu with automated processes.

Navigation mode focuses on the need of human touch for serving the guests warmly with touch of human assistance at several points while dining at luxurious hotels. This caters a different class of restaurant and hospitality based on personally helping guests with their own style and mannerism.

▷ Full Service

eMenu offers automation of processes right from selection food item to paying for the order placed. Contrary to navigation mode, Full service mode provides full end to end access via digital interactive menu solution, eMenu. Thorough blend of vivid yummy pictures of food items and entertaining exciting games and jukebox for a melodious milieu, eMenu understands customer needs at all points.

Selection of food items with little details and mouthwatering images, all has taken toll over traditional methods of dining. Gaming while waiting provides a totally new experience to the guests, in case of family kids can be kept busy and entertained. In similar fashion, if your guests come individually soothing (or their choice) music can be played on jukeboxes with eMenu.

Payment with one touch, akin with online payment for shopping, booking tickets etc, automated payment for services with the POS integrated at the restaurant/eating joint, theatres and hotels. Guest can select and place order through touch screen based interface and at the time of payment, credit card can be swiped on the electronic reader attached with the interface. Post swiping the card, the payment is done from guest’s account to your account (restaurant owner’s account) with the assistance of POS connectivity at the restaurant.

This feature also enables your guest to enter the tipped amount on to the guest interface along with the billed amount, thereby enhancing an end-to-end technological driven process, and all without much delay as in the otherwise physical method of making payment.

eMenu caters to guests globally with customizable languages and theme of respective restaurant of any nation. Food habits may differ, but an enriched dining experience would continue to exist and innovated with eMenu at premises.

▷ Julseo

- In hot summer, are you feel like a long time to wait for a cup of coffee for a short time even in the cold winter?

You order on the subway or bus in advance, and would not it be great if you get right when you get to the coffee shop?

Let us introduce "Julseo", which is a service to solve all the problems. Smartphone users can solve all in one place up to Order, Notification, Coupon in advance by touch of screen in Julseo apps!

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Be on Queue without waiting bell system