M2M/IOT/Wearable Devices Business

M2M is the concept of the machine communication in a minimized state or without human intervention at all.

IOT is a concept more comprehensive than M2M and Internet communication, which is connected between objects and Internet as well as between objects and objects.

Wearable device has a high adhesion to the daily life. It is possible to produce and share a real-time vivid content that the traditional camera and the smartphone does not implement. If it is fused with a voice and a motion recognition sensors, a biometric sensor, an acceleration sensor, and a gravity sensors together with excellent mobility, it has a high consumer acceptance and potential benefits as a gateway of a community-based living service.

In addition, it is possible to provide an opportunity for connecting the data, such as user's voice, the location information, motion information over a local area network such D6as Bluetooth.